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„Balkan Rally 2014” is complete, Be Ready for 2015 edition !!!

Dear friends, fans and competitors,

“Balkan Marathon Rally 2014” is history and we start preparation for the next edition in 2015.

Thanks to all participants and organizers for the support and good moments in these days.

ORGA team thanked to all volunteers from “Red Cross”, and to Municipalities of Samokov and Ohrid, and for the support from local clubs in Samokov, Struga, Prilep and Ohrid.

Exclusive fight in Moto category between the pilots Pastori, Fonten, Boevski and Heno rised the level of the competition and the winner gained the big prize.

It was a pleasure for us to organize this celebration and for the next edition we will be even better.
We start the preparation of 2015 edition of “Balkan Rally” and you are welcome !!!